Taking Your Digital Footprint to the Next Level

What We Do For You

Expert Planning Of Your Digital Footprint

Like we say over and over, understanding your unique business is paramount. In the planning process, we'll work to understand not only the unique value propositions of your business, but your competition and industry's ever changing landscape.

Demographic Assessment

First and foremost, we'll want to plan and implement a strategy tailored to your own specific customer demographic and location. If we're going to have a significantly positive impact to your top and bottom line, this is an absolute must.

Web Design

Creating the proper brand and image for any business is no easy task, but we're up to the challenge. Our Team consists of highly talented and creative designers with years of experience in site design, layout, branding and messaging.

Custom App Development

Our Team takes pride in our ability to design and develop custom front and backend web site applications and mobile apps to help your B2B and/or B2C efforts. End solutions are always aimed at improving the process of engagement and efficiency between the business, their employees and their customers.

Content Creation & Aggregation

Content is king. Not only does it substantially help your search engine results and rankings, everyone appreciates a knowledgeable article or video. By helping your business reflect its expertise online, customers and prospects will learn to trust your brand, products and services.

Targeted Advertising

With so many effective and in-effective choices for advertising a business online, we've been there and done that. By letting us manage your online advertising budgets and goals, you can be rest assured of getting the best results possible, all while we focus on the demographic you seek.

Social Media Marketing & Management

If you've attempted social media efforts for your business, then you know it's a fickle world. Our ongoing commitment to understand, engage and attract the proper followers are not only an art, but a science. We'll manage the complete process from likes, to followers and how they engage your social media.

Analytics & Reporting

Growing a digital footprint is a process. From your web site to your social media, a comprehensive overview of analytics and reporting tells us what's working and what's not. It's through this tedious analytical approach we can grow your digital footprint using the latest technologies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine algorithms are always changing. Therefore, SEO is a tedious and time consuming process. Moving your rankings up on major search engines for the keywords you desire takes time, knowledge and commitment. We'll ensure your rankings are among the best in your business.

Email Newsletter and Database Management

We've been building and managing email lists, newsletters and database solutions online for well over 15 years now. We'd like to think we're pretty darn good at it. Our highly scalable internal email software and database management tools allow us to service even the biggest of online newsletter endeavors.

Mobile Text Alert Service and Database Management

This fairly new and exciting technology now allows businesses the opportunity to push offers and information straight to their customers' mobile devices via text message. By utilizing the latest mobile marketing management solutions, we'll build an effective mobile campaign you'll be able to leverage for profits now and into the future.

Let's succeed together in a complex and competitive digital world.

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Why work with Levelogic vs. someone else?

First, if you've ever worked with anyone else, you've likely been disappointed, and to be perfectly honest, it's probably why you're here now.

Just know we always do what we say we're going to do. We'll always strive to under promise and over deliver. And, we'll make your competitors jealous in the process.

Is there anything we can't do?

We'll never claim to know how to do what you and your business do best. However, we will work diligently to ensure your digital footprint maximizes the potential of your business.

Your great quality products and excellent service are more than half of the equation. Let us handle the rest.

Does size really matter?

In the world of digital footprints, yes. What matters is we make your business look as big and successful as we possibly can.

Since the advent of the Internet, our years of experience have taught us the world wide web is an extremely level playing field, one that offers any business more opportunity now than ever before.

  • People

    It's our belief 1/3rd of all business is about people. The relationships, the accountability and the efficiency are just a few of the many reasons why we believe people are the key to any business success.

    We always work to cultivate and develop lasting relationships both internally and with our clients.

  • Product & Service

    Whether it's a product or service we're providing, we take tremendous pride in everything we do. It's only good enough for us if it's good enough for you.

    With an unwavering commitment to quality and service, we're committed to helping you achieve your business goals. It's just the way we work.

  • Process

    Third and definitely not last, the process is the glue that brings everything together in an efficient and productive manner.

    It's this relentless pursuit toward improving processes that allows us to give every client the attention and results they deserve.

We are ready to improve your business and help you achieve the success you expect.

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Other Business Consulting And Financial Advisory Services

Not every business needs help outside of their digital presence. However, the Levelogic Team has over 40 years of combined experience in running successful and profitable business ventures both on and offline.

From raising capital to taking individual companies public, our experience allows us to help even the smallest of businesses. Growth isn't easy, and we've found many businesses have trouble growing once they've plateaued. A commitment to utilizing effective growth strategies is a big part of taking any business to that next level.

We welcome the opportunity to help your business grow in any way we can. If that means getting more deeply involved in your own daily processes, or helping you locate the right investors, we'll do everything in our power to help you get your business where you want it to be.

Our list of financial advisory and consulting services are at your disposal if you're looking to take your business to the next level.